Saturday, January 20, 2018

Saturday Heat

Oh boy

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Thursday Night Fog and Heat and Sun and Cool

After work pick up from mine, we headed for top of Mt Pleasant (the suburb), parking on Parkridge Pl. Headed up the steep under-the-pylon into Britten.  I cleaned more of the rocky section this time, but still had to walk the steep bit to the corner.  Across the face, and around into cloud building up on the eastern flanks, making for a muggy climb to the top.  Brief breather here then around top front, and back across to the cattlestop at the climbing rocks - grass all nice and short again , making the trail easier to find than the last couple of times (in October!), and in full sun on this side of the hill.

Over the road, over the fence, and into long grass climbing up, back and forth to the top of Mt Pleasant well above the sea of cloud rolling in over the city.  A well earned breather in the shade of the building, then around the back of it to take in the view of the harbour.  Finally, descent time, a nice breeze blowing down the rocky entry, muppetting before the stile, then I led the way down the ridge, big fat wooly lambs all over the place getting in the way (and littering the track with their tasty treats).  Down to Greenwood, and we debated which way to go, choosing to head back round to the old start of Greenwood, and down the skinny singletrack to the trees on Richmond, entering the fog down here.  Low visibility, nice cool moistness all around, we cruised across and then back up to the Greenwood (above the ruins).

Into the descent again, bombing into Greenwood, lambs in the way for ages, around into the rockier bits. There was some weird chunky clattering I wondered about at the time, but bike kept riding okay, so continued on.  Nelson had good speed, I was okay until we were on the sidling section before Gloomy Gulch, where I slowed down a fair bit, but then got my mojo back on the rocky descent into the swoopy bit before that drop jump, where Nelson was waiting.  On down, holding on to him until the entry to the creek gully, where he managed to carry more speed and hoof away.  I bollocksed the rocky up, and got going again, arriving puffed as at the bottom.  It was here I noticed that I'd lost the blue 'switch' for my Climb-Trail-Descend feature on my rear shock.

Up road at a cracking pace mostly in the fog.  My knee started to hurt a bit.  When we got to Jollies Bush we figured - never been in there before, lets explore.  Huh!  We kept left, carrying up steps, riding a bit, avoiding ever-overhanging onga-onga, zigged and zagged upwards, eventually finding our way up to a stile on the top edge, and up onto the track just above that.  Still in the fog, kinda, rode up this, meeting a couple of women riding down (one was new to riding), and at the top decided to just drop down the top section of Greenwood to see if we might find that CTD switch where I'd heard the weird clatterings.  Off we went, Nelson in the lead, slowing down where I thought, and Nelson was juuust about to call off the search when "here it is!".  Turned around, and rode back up the techy rocks, past the ruins, thru the old entrance, then up road, and a fun fast bomb down Britten back to the car.

183 kms and (only) 610 m climbed

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Tuesday Night Eastern Wheezin' Noose

Nelson had a meeting til 6 which worked for me feeding the dog, so I sorted out my flat tire and then ride to Linwood Ave just past the K-Fry. He picked me up shortly thereafter and we proceeded to Sumner...

Sorted out MMR (Location on in my Settings was out of whack - and it still didnt kick in til up the valley (USELESS!)), then got chuffing up the Captain.  My wheezing was killing me, really making it difficult to climb.  Nelson powered off, rocketing ahead on his super fast lightweight bigger wheeled climbingly optimized machine.  I chugged and puffed and set the scene for the rest of the evening.  He was waiting for me at the seat at top of switchbacks and I rode his bike briefly, (rear tire needed air), and the on we climbed.  Nice work done where that slip was, and they've also cut into the rock on the upper of the old drops.  Finally made the top, me very slowly.

Across Evans Pass and up onto Godley - immediately I started muppeting on the rocks, just too weak to keep any momentum.  Eventually got rolling, but was gasping for air the whole time.  Nelson vanished off into the distances, I think surprising even himself as to the turn of speed his new steed gives him.  He was waiting for me at the top where I managed to gulp in some air before we trundled on.  Much better form on the sidle and descending, barely letting any gap form between us as we headed down.  In fact, I even reeled him in a little in the lower curvy bits towards the bottom of the hill.  Across Livingston Col and decided to hang a right, out the 360 walkway section.  Nice interesting, mildly techy sidle climb to a steep section up and over, then fun descent, a few sections of steps, and views all the different from the usual otherside slog.  Eventually to Breeze Col and back over the fence.

From here, we headed along above the road, on the skinny as skinny trail.  Overgrown, again, but perhaps not quite as overgrown as last time.  Played a little on the concrete bunker thing up top there, then bombed down to the carpark, and through onto the return below-the-road track.  Nelson dropped me again on the climb, and was all but vanished by the time I rounded over the top. Otherwise I had a reasonable run around back to Breeze Col where he was waiting. The final short and practically flat climb half killed me tho.

Into the Anaconda - shitty gravel to start, but further on it was as per the past.  Good blast down, tho my lower corners were a little untidy, then into the tail, starting well, but the rocks muppetted me a bit.  Big surf and lots of surfers in Taylors.  We trundled up the road and into the walking track, up which much I walked.  Stile to upper gate wasn't so bad.

Then onto the road and around for the final climb up the hard work track to The Godley.  Got rolling on this, back towards Evans.  Good run for me, mostly.  Not quite as quick as Nelson, but then down near the end I bloody pinch flatted, new tube, damnit!  Nelson was already on the road, and rode back up to me by the time I was nearly done.  Replaced it with my leaking tube from weeks previous, and off we were again.  

Through the Pass, and up onto the top of the Captain.  Pretty good roll down here.  By the time I'd gotten through the techy drops and through that climb for the sidling easy, my rear tire was feeling soft, so stopped at the seat (top of switchbacks) to pump up.  Good bomb from here, to the bottom (except for the stupid weed-eatings all over the track near the end).  Over the stile, and down the steps and along the horse paddock, my tire getting low again, to the point of being too low to ride normally, I limped to the car leaning forward on the handlebars, put my bike down, and the Pthsshhhhhhhhhhhhh - all the air out.  Perfect timing.

Pretty much a 20km loop, with 743m climbed.  Not bad for a Tuesday night.

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Sunday Hot Stuff

Drove over to Steve's with the Fat on the back for 9am finding him and Wazz, Wahayno, Robin and Andy all ready to roll. Pete would be chasing...

Up the most busy Rapaki we've ever seen, Steve and me stopped for a good chat with Ranger Singletrack who was on his way down in a Ute.  The others treadled onwards up and took in the Monty Loop.  Meanwhile, STeve and me struggled our ways up to the top and waited for them, wondering how they could be so long.  Pete showed up, and then we spotted the boys coming up behind.  Bit of more of a rest for us, and then off up Vernon, hot grind, but Fatty handling everything pretty good.

Lost count of the comments "ooh, they're big tires"... "what's that for?"...

I had to bail early, so was keen on keeping it short, and Steve was keen on that too, so we headed around the beginning of the Traverse then took the new track down to the top of the Old Skool zig zags.  Pete rode on ahead a bit and got his drone out, and we bombed off down past him under it's buzz.  Here's where I said my good bye to most, and bombed off ahead, but on a new section of trail being built Pete got the jump on me and took the lead through sketched out cleared grass down the slope avoiding the worst bits of 4wd to the pylons.

Onto the Old Skool proper and fat bike was riding really well.  The dropper post works a treat.  I took off ahead from the stile, and left the boys to it.  Nice blaze down the rest of it, surprised at how well the fatty soaked it all up.  Tire pressures must have been about perfect.  Through the bottom and then down the road and around the river back to Steve's.  Then home and off Sailing for the afternoon.

My MMR crapped out so I had to copy Steve's,  - my finishing route back to his place was different - where I took Eastern Tce, over the bridge and through to St Martins Shops, alley way, bridge, Ford Rd., but other than that, the same(ish) (top speeds probably different).  16kms and a gain of 460m.

Tuesday, January 09, 2018

Tuesday Sweaty View Hill Road.

Holiday here in Little Akaloa drawing to an end, last chance for a ride, so headed out and up to Chorlton.  From here, up View Hill Rd, steep bastard that it is, it was so muggy and warm I was sweating like a pig.  Stopped for a few rests, but cleaned everything. Climbed to the gate then turned and bombed back down, high speed enjoyment and cooling breeze on the down. Detoured over Luke's Rd and through the neighbours back to our driveway.

14.7 kms with 612 m climbed, most of which was steep.

Thursday, January 04, 2018

Muggy Menzies Thursday a.m.

From the bach, only remembering to turn on the MMR once I was a little way up Decanter Bay Road. Mail Van passed me on the way up, and I caught it up on the way down into Decanter Bay.  Passed it at the bottom and headed on up towards Menzies.  Nice steady climbing, into low cloud/fog as I got higher, eventually all the way around to then descend on down to Menzies Bay. Said gudday to the people in the first house (seemed to be packing up their holiday times) then turned around and rode back up again.  Up to Rehutai homestead and then the descending cruise began.  As I rounded towards Decanter I met some horses(7?) and 3 women.  I got off my bike and walked through and they were very thankful and pleased.  They liked the fat bike too.  After them came the fun descent, speeding gravel road, into Decanter and finally the last climb, sun having burned off all the cloud, so it was hot and bothersome.  Final descent into Little Ak on the seal, speeding down into the bay, ready for a swim off the wharf.

It was hot and muggy. Surprisingly 905 m climbed, over 22kms

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Saturday's Sinclair Fitzgerald Tops

At the bach for 3 weeks.  Had a the fatbike with me.  Drove out of the bay and around the Summit Rd, parking on Pettigrews Rd and rode, up up up into scudding easterly clouds. Nice climb then over stile after stile, up Mt Sinclair, stopping to breathe, rather than walking.  Up to where I rode last time, and onwards down the other side, around the side of the cool bush up there, easterly clouds juuust above my head, roaring over the tops.  Across the saddle between the peaks, then into the climb up Fitzgerald.  Stopped to check out the walking track section, just to see how rough it was.  Looked rideable, so walked back to bike and headed on.  Here's where I met the first 'other people', a group of 4 older guys who looked familiar (from all my years of riding the Port Hills).  Then a tiny bit of walking and up to the ridge, then up the ridge to the top.  Meandered across the grasslands towards a nice bluffy peak, and parked myself out of the wind for a snack, cloud ploughing over top of me.

Back on the bike, back across to the trail, and decided to check out the walking track section.  Steep, and technical, with a couple of unrideables, and lots of scooting technique required, but plenty rideable, and on a normal bike probably a bit more.  Not long and I was back down to the main track, riding on, under the speeding clouds, and on up the back of Sinclair again.  Nice and sheltered downwind of the bush up this climb, and across the back and down again, around the last steep corner and there's three picnickers on the track.  One hastily leapt out of the way, while I said "don't worry, I won't hit you".  Back across the ridge and speeeeeed down the track to the car.

There and back again... 14.5 kms with 627m climbed